Aesthetic Dentistry In Lenoir City

At Lakeside Dental, Dr. Joseph Blalock specializes in aesthetic dentistry in Lenoir City. With our unique approach to restoring your smile, you can enjoy natural-looking teeth, a healthy bite, and more self-confidence. If you’re not happy with your smile, contact us now to schedule an appointment, and see how our team can help. We proudly serve patients in Lenoir City, Tellico Village, and Loudon.

What Is Aesthetic Dentistry?

The term “aesthetic” derives from the Greek word aisthētikos. This word originally meant “relating to perception by the senses,” but over time, it has evolved to become a general term used to refer to things that are beautiful, often when they conform to certain natural, organic ideals.

So aesthetic dentistry, then, is the study of how dentistry can be used to improve the natural form and function of the smile. It incorporates treatments from both cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. It’s not just concerned with making the smile look good, but making sure that the teeth look natural and function properly.

This results in a seamless, beautiful smile transformation. If you have cosmetic issues with your smile, such as stained teeth or chipped teeth, and you’re also missing some teeth or have other oral health issues, aesthetic dentistry is the best choice for restoring your smile and your bite.

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Even a hairline crack or fracture in your tooth that may be invisible to the naked eye could lead to further decay and damage? Get a consultation for peace of mind.

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