Tooth Extractions in Lenoir City

Whether you have a damaged or decayed tooth that can’t be saved with an alternative treatment, or you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, Dr. Blalock is here to help. We offer gentle tooth extractions at Lakeside Dental in Lenoir City. We also serve Loudon and Tellico Village. To get started, schedule a consultation today.

Types of Tooth Extractions Offered

At our office, Dr. Blalock offers both basic extractions and wisdom tooth extractions (non-impacted). If Dr. Blalock believes you may need a surgical extraction, such as for an impacted wisdom tooth, we will refer you to a qualified oral surgeon in Lenoir City.

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Did You Know…

You lose about 25% of the jaw bone below your missing tooth within a year of its extraction. Restoring a missing tooth with a dental implant can help strengthen and restore your natural jaw bone.

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