Wisdom Tooth Removal In Lenoir City

If you’ve got an unhealthy wisdom tooth, Lenoir City dentist Dr. Blalock may recommend that you have it removed. At our office, we’re always here to help you get out of pain and prevent further complications. Give us a call at 865-635-4999 or contact us online to schedule a consultation for wisdom tooth removal in Lenoir City today.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

The answer is that they don’t! At least, not always. The wisdom teeth are the final set of four molars. They usually emerge a lot later than the other teeth, between the ages of 17-25. In comparison, your second set of molars is usually in place by the age of 12-13.

If your wisdom teeth are healthy and you have enough room for them in your mouth, there’s usually no reason to extract them. But because they come out so much later, the wisdom teeth often do not have enough room to erupt properly. This can cause issues like wisdom tooth impaction (wisdom teeth not fully erupting), a higher risk of tooth infections, and more. 

In this case, Dr. Blalock may recommend that you have them extracted. A few common signs of unhealthy wisdom teeth include jaw pain and stiffness, swelling of the gums near the rear teeth, and bad breath.

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