Oral Surgeries in Lenoir City

Dr. Blalock can help you get the care you need to prepare for treatments like dental implants and extract troublesome teeth. Dr. Blalock also proudly serves the city of Loudon and Tellico Village. If your general dentist is referring you to an oral surgeon or you suspect that you may need treatments like a bone graft or sinus lift, contact the team at Lakeside Dental today to learn more and get started.

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At our office, we offer a wide variety of oral surgeries. We use minimally-invasive techniques, sedation, and numbing to ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your entire procedure. Dr. Blalock offers bone grafts, tooth extractions, sinus lifts, and alveoplasty to make patients’ mouths healthier and stronger.

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More than one-third of all Americans avoid dental treatment due to anxiety. With sedation, we can minimize your anxiety and discomfort during your oral surgery.

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