Root Canal Therapy in Lenoir City

If you have a severe or persistent toothache, this could indicate that your tooth is infected. If that’s the case, root canal therapy at Lakeside Dental is the best way to restore and save your tooth and prevent further complications. Call to schedule a same-day emergency appointment now to get the help you need., especially, if you are located in Lenoir City, Loudon, or Tellico Village.

Understanding Root Canals

Dr. Blalock is an experienced restorative dentist and at Lakeside Dental, we offer root canals for both the rear (posterior) teeth and the front (anterior) teeth. Anterior root canals are considered to be a more difficult procedure since the thin profile of the front teeth requires specialized treatment methods. Regardless of which tooth is causing you pain, we can help with skilled, effective root canal therapy in Lenoir City. 

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Did You Know…

Untreated tooth infections can cause life-threatening complications like swelling of the throat or blood infection (sepsis). Because of this, it’s important to get help for an infected tooth as soon as possible.

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