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Proper pediatric dental care is essential for your little one’s smile. At Lakeside Dental, Dr. Joseph Blalock treats kids of all ages with informative, caring, and gentle dental treatment. Contact us now for a consultation. We proudly serve Lenoir City, Loudon, and Tellico Village.

what to expect from their first appointment

Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to hold them in your lap for their appointment. To begin the appointment, one of our dental hygienists will thoroughly clean your little one’s mouth. Then, Dr. Blalock will provide them with a comprehensive oral exam. We may recommend x-rays if we think they are necessary, and you approve. 

After your child’s appointment, Dr. Blalock will discuss their oral health, any issues he may have found, and follow-up treatment that your child may need. At this time, he can also answer your questions about caring for your child’s teeth as they grow.

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Did You Know…

That the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends kids see a dentist at the age of 1, or whenever their first tooth erupts? It’s never too early to see the dentist.

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